Collection: Suhaila

When Suhaila was a young girl, her family discouraged her sewing. “My mother did not allow me to sew, because my family wanted me to complete my high school first.” Suhaila recalled, “But due to my interest I was allowed to make some dresses for my little dolls.”

After graduation Suhaila started a formal sewing course when she was 17.  “My teacher’s name was Ferishta,” she recalled.  “She was amazing, kind, and calm.” Suhaila learned the basics by using papers to study professional cutting and sewing. “I was practicing on cards and papers at home every day, that’s how gradually my technique improved.”  Suhaila’s skill grew over time and expanded the artistry, patterns, and items she could make.

After coming to the United States, Suhaila moved to Maryland with her husband and three daughters. Suhaila started work at a cosmetic company but needed to leave her job to take care of her children. She then turned to her natural talent as a seamstress and started her own business. Now Suhaila makes and sells beautiful tablecloths, pillow covers and curtains.

Truly one of a kind

All of our handmade products are truly one of a kind! That means most of our products often do not have multiples, since our fabrics are donated in various quantities. This sustainable method also encourages full artistic expression for our artisans.

**Please note that some items may have slight variations in material and size **

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