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Najibullah and Halima live together as husband and wife with their five children in Maryland. Together, they make a dynamic duo with Halima having the artistic vision that Najib is able to bring to life with his tailor skills.

Before coming to the United States, Najib and Halima lived in Turkey for 10 years where they both picked up new skills from learning a new language to explore their artistic side.  Najib recalls, “In the beginning I was a student with no sewing skills at all, but my father was always saying that I have artisan talents. His encouragement motivated me a lot and was the key success of my sewing skills. I have been fond of sewing clothes such as men’s suits and ties, since childhood.”

He retells his first interest in sewing as a child, “I was six when my parents bought me a suit that I liked a lot. Once, my brother (who is my age) took my suit to wear. When I saw that I started fighting with him because I didn’t want to share my suit with anyone! Now whenever I remember that I smile about how much I liked suits even when I was a child. My interest in my childhood suit grew my interest in being a good tailor and led me to becoming a professional.”

In Turkey, Halima worked as a translator and photographer. Halima remembered “I was getting calls from a company in Turkey whenever they needed a lady photographer. In ladies’ ceremonies there was a vital need of lady photographers, so for that reason I was getting more chances of work.” 

She was particularly inspired by the beauty of Turkey. “When I was visiting historical places, different provinces or any beautiful scene which was attracting me, I had my camera with me, and I was taking shots of those beautiful views and sceneries.”

After immigrating to the United States, Halima began assisting her husband with sewing, bringing her photographer’s eye for composition to the pieces she creates. Now Najibullah has lots of customers in the United States for his suits and dresses, in addition to his very popular aprons and bags.

Truly one of a kind

All of our handmade products are truly one of a kind! That means most of our products often do not have multiples, since our fabrics are donated in various quantities. This sustainable method also encourages full artistic expression for our artisans.

**Please note that some items may have slight variations in material and size **

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