Collection: Mesri

Mesri was motivated to become a professional seamstress after seeing her sisters’ sewing artistry. She said, “I was six years old watching my sisters sew different traditional ladies’ dresses and cover pillows for our neighbors and relatives. My sisters were making those dresses with colorful threads and fabrics which attracted me, even during my childhood. I was so inspired by their artistry that I didn’t want to focus on my school studies.”

Mesri’s sisters were professional tailors in their community. As their reputation grew, their artwork inspired not only their family and friends, but many people around their community and other businesses in their city. 

After coming to the United States, Mesri graduated from school and now is pursuing higher education.  She reports, “Not only do I pursue my education and sewing artistry, but I also take care of my three daughters, their education and all other housework responsibilities.”

 Mesri’s customers appreciate her sewing style in her pillow covers, hand crafts and dresses.

Truly one of a kind

All of our handmade products are truly one of a kind! That means most of our products often do not have multiples, since our fabrics are donated in various quantities. This sustainable method also encourages full artistic expression for our artisans.

**Please note that some items may have slight variations in material and size **

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