Collection: Khadija

As a young girl, Khadija began learning how to sew from her mother at the age of six. Khadija says, “When I started sewing for the first time, I tried making different colorful clothes for my dolls because I loved playing with them.”

Khadija’s mother was a renowned tailor in her village. Khadija recalls “She had lots of customers. Even during holidays, customers would come visit our home.”  Inspired by her mother’s artistry, Khadija practiced every day and gradually learned to sew dresses, crafts and pillow covers with colorful fabrics and threads. She began assisting her mother and finally became a famous artisan in her own right, sewing professionally on her own.

Now, although Khadija has a busy life in the U.S., she still pursues her sewing. Her signature is using colorful threads; she often combines different colors, which enhances the artistry and beauty of the product. You can see this in many of her pillow covers, tablecloths and dresses.

Truly one of a kind

All of our handmade products are truly one of a kind! That means most of our products often do not have multiples, since our fabrics are donated in various quantities. This sustainable method also encourages full artistic expression for our artisans.

**Please note that some items may have slight variations in material and size **

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